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Tehran Sarmayesh Company with 25 years of experience in the field of production and installation of cooling systems, in accordance with the latest industry standards


Product quality is checked from the very first step of production

Quality Check

The product line is always under the supervision of our engineers so that the final product is in accordance with the standards you deserve.


We are always innovating and updating our products

Ideation and Innovation

We strive to always be a pioneer in our field of expertise and achieve customer satisfaction by providing creative services.

Setting Up

Our engineers will be with you throughout the installation process


Setting up the cooling systems is one of our responsibilities to ensure the performance of the devices with peace of mind.


All Tehran Sarmayesh products are provided with full shipping service

Shipping Service

Specialized shipping of products is one of the most important prerequisites for cooling systems.

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We believe that:

Customer’s needs are the first priority of any industrial plan and must be done accurately and completely.

What do partners and customers say?

Trust in the products and support of Tehran Sarmayesh group, gave a new prosperity to the production line of our factory.

Ms. Nikomanesh • Managing Director of Food Industry
We are glad that we were able to trust a young and energetic company in the field of cooling systems.
Mr. Farahmand • Industry Investor

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We are happy to work with the big names in the industry and work together to develop our field

The progress of any industry depends on the efforts of its experts.

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